The Alaskan Malamute Luise and The Siberian Husky Archi

There are two very different purebred dogs living in our kennel. 
When comparing their personalities then the only thing similar seems to be that they are both dogs. 

When mostly a Siberian husky is lower than a malamute then in our kennel it is the other way around. Here's why:

  1. Luise is a female, Arci a male. Male dogs are higher than females. Usually, a female malamute is as high as a male husky. 
  2. Archi is a working line husky, which means he is higher than the show husky. Longer limbs mean higher speed.


When Luise came to our family just as a family dog, then Archi was taken because in addition to shows we got interested in mushing. 

If you have the will and it is possible to own two dogs then I do recommend it, because although Archi sometimes plays on Luise's nerves, they still have fun when we have other things to attend to. 

Read more about both dogs on our subpages. 

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