Lafayette luI 
od ledove kralovny

What kind of dog is Luise?

Lafayette Lui od Ledové královny aka Luise is from a kennel in Czech Republic. She is a friendly family dog. Luise gets along well with the other dog that lives in our kennel. He is a Siberian husky called Archi. 
When socializing with other dogs Luise is picky and may not like all dogs. She enjoys attention and likes to compete in scootering competitions. After training she is always calm. She loves the company of her family and often demands scratching. 
Lafayette is quite silent most of the time, but she lets us know when she wants something or is not okay with the situation by howling in a deep low voice. It is rather rare though. 
Luise is posh. She mostly understands the commands that are given, but is too proud to obey. 
She sheds fur twice a year - the top coat as well as the sheep-like fur beneath it. Otherwise she doesn't shed and taking care of the fur is easy. 
While training she is happy to pull but during walks she is calm and enjoys sniffing. 
When Luise was a puppy she loved to dig and misbehaved in other ways as well. She developed into a proud and pious lady within two years. 
Alaskan malamute is a great dog to a family that has time to give it their utmost attention. 

Luise has been taken from a working show malamute kennel od Ledové královny

More pictures and videos can be seen on our Instagram page @luisemuut

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