What kind of dog is ARchi?

Agirregoikoa Archibald aka Archi is from an Estonian kennel. He is a true work dog. Archi gets along well with the kennel's Alaskan malamute Luise. When socializing with other dogs Archi can be too active and other canines might not like this kind of behaviour. 
What he enjoys the most is running and pulling. Sport is crucial for him to avoid behavioral problems. While being 1 year and 1 month old he runs alone in front of the scooter with the average of 24 km/h when the distance is approximately 4 km long. 
After training he is quite calm but compared to Luise still active. At the moment he is still a young dog in development. During his free time he enjoys the company of his family and demands scratching.
Archi is very vocal and always lets us know when he wants or is not happy with something. He is an offspring of two lead dogs and has so been gifted with a good head and learns everything fast. 
During the time with us he has shed fur only once and otherwise taking care of his fur is easy. 
It is still a challenge to go on walks with him because all he can think of his running and pulling, but we are not giving up. 
He likes to dig and that is why we made an extra kennel for him in our yard. Archi is a very active young dog who loves running and the attention of people the most. 
Working line husky can live in a private house with a big yard where he has the chance to unload himself. 

Archi running with his dad Figo

Archi has been taken from a working Siberian husky kennel Agirregoikoa

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